Active Investing

Here at ECP, we think the only way to grow wealth that is resilient and sustainable, is to invest money in a careful, considered and committed way - we call this ‘active’ investing.

‘Active’ investing involves...

Forensic Research

A large number of factors need to line up before we invest in a business. A relevant business strategy, for instance, which makes sense in the context of the markets they operate in. A durable competitive advantage and a sustainable business model which management can execute efficiently, are also examples. And these are just the start.

Understanding of Potential,
as well as Performance

We believe it’s important to understand both the narrative of an investment, and the numbers that support it. Investing on narrative alone, ignores reality. Investing on numbers alone, ignores potential. We tie the two together, so we can best capture long-term potential while ensuring that we do not over pay for the value we see.

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Being Highly Committed
to a Focussed Portfolio

Making and maintaining good long-term investment decisions requires a lot of time and attention. It means we need to think about investing as an owner, and not a trader of shares. As a result, we only have time for our best ideas.

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Results that speak for themselves

The result of these beliefs is a concentrated portfolio of companies in the growth phase of their life-cycle, able to expand their economic footprint through time. They are capital efficient and able to generate above average returns without excessive financial leverage. The sustainable competitive advantage they have, provides us with sufficient confidence that they can maintain these characteristics into the future.

This chart shows the superior growth of a $10,000 investment with ECP’s portfolio over a ten year period, compared to an equivalent investment in a benchmark portfolio.

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